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About: The Future Universe

The Future Universe (TFU) is a webcomic based within the open-source, fictional Future Universe hosted by Wikia. It is the “Official Baseline” of the Future Universe canon, written by James Wasson and drawn by Allan Wood, two dudes who are just a couple of online buds who happen to work well together. The site is maintained by Allan. TFU runs on Comicpress with WordPress. It is written, sketched in pencil, then scanned and drawn in Manga Studio EX. Finally, it is colored, tweaked, and lettered in Photoshop  after consultations by both artists.

The Future Universe (Wikia)

The Future Universe (located here) is a project conceived by Allan to be a hub of creative content, easily referenced, edited, and collaborated-upon. A nexus where people could share media easily, integrated seamlessly within a wiki, as a means of creating exciting, new comics. From the hub, people can then draw inspiration, create their own unique stories, and expand this open-source universe.

The Poet

James Wasson

James Wasson, or simply Wasson as most will come to know him, is the talent behind the writing.



The Pauper

Allan Wood

Allan Wood is the creator of The Future Universe and artist of the comic of the same name (the one you’re reading right now). He likes to talk too much about thoughts and enjoys colors blue, purple, green, and orange. His other projects include the journal webcomic Allan.