So I want to refine that first panel sometime and offer it up to anyone as a wallpaper if they want it. It already happens to be a good size for one!

As I receive pages from my cohort Wasson I flesh out ideas further. One thing I’ll do, in hopes of allowing easy access to readers’ is to link to wiki pages when they’re relevant, saving you guys time on having to search through the Wiki.

Hidden briefly in this strip is the logo for UBirth, the most popular social-networking site on Cradle, probably because enrollment is┬ámandatory post-birth. The service was developed by iGlobe in 2553. The first, official document uploaded to the service is a user’s Birth Certificate, which is where it takes its name.

UBirth should not be confused with Birth-U, the robotic midwife service which has become popular in certain, more adventurous circles.

See also: Townsend, Golden Globes

Cya next week!