Notes by Allan

You might have noticed that the text on this page seems a bit more… capital. I stumbled across some word-bubbling advice, and realized I’d been doing one or two things wrong. I like improving, so here’s my attempt to do so.

The differences are subtle. Obviously it’s all caps, now, but the main reason I changed it was simply because of I. With comics, capital I’s should look more like lowercase L’s, unless they’re describing the subject, as in “I” or “I’m.” In panel one, Anthony is referring to himself at the start of a sentence. Later, in panel 3, we can see Anthony use the same word, but he’s saying “is,” and thus not referring to himself.

If you commented on a strip and your comment is gone, it’s because I had to reupload them. I might be able to bring all the comments back, but in the meantime, who cares!

Notes by Wasson

Oh now he’s gone and done it! Allan has used all the scripts I’ve given him so now I have to… *shudder* edit more of my rough drafts. I’ve never gotten over the use of pen and paper, as all but the first two strips were written on a tiny notepad I carry around with me and then later put into a master word document to be noodled with when Allan finally started whipping me hard enough to get me out of my lethargy. I don’t know what it is about paper that I love so much, but to this day I have trouble reading things on a screen (despite assaulting the world with blocks of text on this very tumblr). The trade off for this is how much more easily I can rad comics on the internet, as they have a nicer flow in their layout and one unperturbed by trying to get info in spite of the spine of their binding.

The story itself is marching along, as we’re almost out of our establishing work and into the meat of the chapter that you were so tantalized with on the cover. When Allan and I were first discussing how to start the storyline, the question was brought up of in medias res, and in general, its a good tactic for making sense of general relations within a work while immediately providing action for the reader to delve into. The way it ended up going down was kind of a compromise to this, as it is apparent that an ensemble cast in an on-going serial needs to be established in how they relate to each other, especially out of the general action of tenser moments that would cause them to interact differently than they normally would. This strip in particular articulates a lot about Karl and Anthony, both how their relationship works and how Karl moves through his thought patterns. Kudos to Mr. Wood for stepping down from his gold encrusted throne built from the skulls of his enemies to give this idea a visual flow that I do believe conveys the breadth of it.