Wasson has been writing the scripts in a new, more contiguous manner. Rather than send me a single strip at a time, he’s given me an event or scene to illustrate, until it ends on its point. This allows me to stretch out the action and pace it a little more knowingly. I think it works.

Notes by Wasson

Hooray The Future Universe! I think that this one came together well and it is interesting to see how Allan uses the nature of the scripts I give him to layout the major ideas. As he mentioned, I’m currently writing major beats of the plot contiguously as to give a more natural flow to the events transpiring. One of my major things in terms of writing is my love a big detailed plan for the larger scheme of the narrative and then to improv the individual moments, making them up as I go along to give them the spontaneity of emotional response. The inherent problem with this when writing from script to script is the kind of disjointed nature that comes from not being in the movement of our emotional melange when the events are transpiring, both for the characters and for myself. This was all well in good during the first segment which is meant to be edited video footage, as that would have a more static structure, but I’m hoping this new approach will allow for us to better understand how the thought patterns of the characters grow and change in a more meaningful way. Keep an eye out for just what those crazy documentarians and the crew members that love to hate them are up to as we move forward.