When I draw comics, often times I draw panels. And usually, within these panels there are pictures of things. The pictures are staggered and offset so as to not distract from other pictures within the panel but rather to push the reader to engage these pictures.

In panel 1, Karl is hesitating to enter the door. With that in mind, I take steps to emphasize the door, through color and placement. As my audience is primarily english-speaking, important details which begin a page appear on the left and lead you through to the right.

But where is the panel in panel 1? It’s actually missing, and the panel is bleeding into the rest of the page. Notice also how the space is long and wide, forcing the reader’s eye to linger in the emptiness between Karl and the door. By the time the reader moves on to the first text bubble, he has unknowingly lingered in front of the door much like Karl has.

Featured in this page is Therron Thun-Dae, an Id-Thun from planet Ka-Mar. Also featured is the rhythmic combat sport Pango-Silat.